A selection of some of the finest portfolios from the talent that joined us over the first few months of 2024.

Portfolio Complete: Winter 2024

Rob Mcdougal is a DOP

Rob McDougal is a DOP based in London, UK, who, aside from being a well-versed DOP, is also an advocate for networking & collaboration. This is something that's led him to work on the current and upcoming releases for the band 'Another Sky'.

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Julia Oleksy is an Editor

Meet Julia Oleksy, a formidable editor based in Warsaw, Poland. Her distinct style delicately enhances narratives, quietly shaping them into into real works of art.

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Tim Symes is a Film & Video Editor

Tim began editing in London, gaining experience in post houses before transitioning to commercial work at Mother London. His skills transferred seamlessly to outdoor adventure filmmaking, where he's worked on major projects and with industry giants. Tim has won numerous awards, both independently and with Sherpas Cinema.

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Fiann Macleod is a DOP

Fiann is a director of photography with a portfolio that covers a myriad of work including, but not limited to, music promo, narrative and commercial work. Fiann’s body of work shows a distinct & enviable style.

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Luke Atkinson is a Photographer & DOP

Luke Atkinson is a photographer & DOP with a distinct visual style that’s showcased across the entirety of his portfolio. A combination of high-end video work, combined with impactful photography of real people makes for an impressive display. We’re extremely happy to have creators like Luke on our platform.

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Nanko Goeting is a Cinematographer

Nanko Goeting is a Director of Photography whose work has taken him around the world shooting TV commercials, documentaries and feature films. With over 50 tvc projects, 13 Short films and 4 feature films.

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