In Chapter 27 we delve deeper into the works of director Rodney Lucas, photographer Eleonora Vergnano, interactive designer Sevan Mujukian and designer Will McNeill

Maker Series - Chapter 27

In Chapter 27 we delve deeper into the works of director Rodney Lucas, photographer Eleonora Vergnano, interactive designer Sevan Mujukian and designer Will

My Brother’s Keeper

Rodney Lucas, Director, Los Angeles

Titus Batts and DeSonni Hardge are the young co-captains of South Shore Drill Team, a non-profit organization based in Chicago that uses performance art to empower disenfranchised youth. In a city with a narrative of violence and crime, these two boys are showing their communities that the routines that bond them in drill are stronger than the social pressures that would divide them on the streets. 

With an extensive background in the music industry, director Rodney Lucas attributes the poetic tonality, and rhythmic flow of his films to the time he spent touring the world as a performance artist.
My bother’s keeper premiered at Nowness in November 2019.

Discover Rodney's portfolio


Eleonora Vergnano, Photographer, Italy

Eleonora Verg nano, Italian fashion photographer gives us a new series of imagery for Vulkan magazine.

A striking composition combining austere expressions with rich textures.

View Eleonora's Dollhouse project

Multi-talented and Curious

Sevan Mujukian, Interactive designer, New York

Sevan Mujukian is an interactive and new media designer, artist, and composer living in New York City. They make colorful, digital expressionist work, drawing on a library of experiences across visual and interactive design. 

They are currently working on a 2D pixel art game their first EP which is about concrete and should come out some time this year. 

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Real Life CGI painting

Will McNeill, Director and Designer, United Kingdom

Will McNeill is a director, designer and animator based in London, UK working at the Mill London.

In here, he attempts to replicate real life oil paintings in a CG application. All the geometry is created inside Houdini using a custom sweep object, with controls for things like stroke width, bristle height and color mixing.

Check out Will's  website