Summer's over; it's time to chill with our monthly mix. Featuring the best Google fonts, Queen Elizabeth II's life in photos, the Ethereum Merge and Alex's Bowman's mesmerising time-lapses.

September Mixer: The Best Google Fonts, Queen Elizabeth II's Life in Phoots, The Ethereum Merge & Axel Bowman's Time-Lapses.

The Best Google Fonts to Play With

We all love a no strings attached Google font but unsure on which one to use? Don't worry, we've got your back. Here's a few tips

A Look Back at Queen Elizabeth II's Life in Photos

Her Majesty would go on to be one of the most photographed women of the 20th century and found herself in front of one type of camera or another for most of her life. Take a look back at her remarkable reign

Ethereum is Going Green

The Ethereum merge software update drastically reduces the energy used to create and register an NFT on the blockchain. Want to know what that means for NFT's? Read more

Bringing Google Maps' Streetview to Life

Music Producer Axel Boman viewed and downloaded the world from his desk, finding amazing spaces, altering, hand tracking, to create mesermising time-lapses. Watch it here

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