This month we delve into how AI art gives the ability to expand on human creativity. A fusion that has opened up new avenues of artistic expression. These creators are proof of how you can generate something unique and innovative.

The AI Artist Edition: 02

AI art can help artists to explore their ideas and concepts more deeply by using AI algorithms to create various iterations of a particular artwork, artists can experiment with different styles, colours, and techniques. The iterative nature of AI art can help artists refine their ideas, providing a new level of insight into their creative process. The result is a more refined and polished piece of art that reflects the artist's vision and ideas.


AI Artist: Exploring reconfigurations of the human form.

"Human-guided-AI-generated digital render exploring possible future post-human forms as a result of the convergence of genetic engineering and artificial intelligence. These studies aim to highlight questions about our species' future. Where does a path of ever-increasing technology lead us, and ultimately, what will it mean for the human condition?" —@_abhominal_art

Lonely Souls

Henry Daubrez
Art Curator & AI Artist: Bridging realities through AI-collaborative art.

"A series of AI-generated cinematic snapshots venturing into intimate and lonely moments of beings from other realities." —@henrydaubrez


Ada Crow
AI Artist & Photographer: An attempt to escape from the world to a game born in private, a quest for answers.

"Inspired by movements such as surrealism, Dadaism, Flemish painting and baroque, I work the image in a way in which the aesthetic is no less important than the concept itself with which I play." —@adacrow

Tablet of mankind

Rinat Abdrakhmanov
Digital Artist: Exploring the transition between real life and digital life.

"I love watching lectures on quantum mechanics and nuclear fusion, which inspire me to incorporate nature, physics and biology into my works. It's like I’m creating neural networks in my head, that I subsequently convey in my world." —@Lbank_


Karina Kedrina
AI Artist: Merging photography and AI.

"This series is about pure souls, AI ART photography images, style of simplicity and therefore: great aesthetic impact." —@larsnagler


Chris Maestas
Artist & Designer: Deep-diving into AI assisted exploration.

"I like to express my creative vision in unconventional ways that challenge the “norms” of art, that provoke a reaction, or make a statement. I like to capture energy within my work, and make my own rules while I do it." —@_0_0_0_9_

blank mind

Petra Voice
AI Artist: Capturing beauty with help of AI.

"I explore emotions, mood and circumstances and use my vision to broadcast rare states and moments." —@petravoice

Digital Painter & AI Artist: AI assisted artworks guided by digital painting.

"Seemingly stuck at the precise midpoint between classicism and nonsensical video games, Venta doesn't simply create art, but a world that contains it. This is a world of disturbing jollity, centuries of art history genetically spliced into monstrous oblivion and candy-coloured nightmares." —@Venta_art

AI art is an exciting development that is expanding the boundaries of human creativity. By combining human creativity with the computational power of AI algorithms, artists can create unique and innovative works of art that were previously impossible to achieve. AI art can help artists to explore their ideas and concepts more deeply, overcome creative blocks, and challenge the notion of authorship and ownership. As AI technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more groundbreaking and inspiring works of art created by humans and machines working together.