Welcome to all that's trending within the NFT world with our new weekly curation of leading NFT creators featuring Oliver Pocsik, Chris Hytha, Fernando Magalhaes, XCOPY, Reza Nia⁠, Dani Leoni⁠, Thami Ouafssou⁠, WΛTΛNUKI and Alfred Kubrick.

The Collector - 21.50


Oliver Pocsik

"Psyché" is a very special work of mine and not just because it is my first nft. It came alive in a very challenging time of my life. My thoughts were scattered around heavy topics and I needed to work on this piece to put my mind at ease again. I always found the topic of an afterlife pihlosophically interesting. It is instictive to consider whether this life is the only one there is." —@Oliepoe


Rowhome #41

Chris Hytha
Photographer & Digital Artist

"The urban fabric of Philadelphia is defined by its rowhome typology. Two to three stories, 15-20 feet wide. Within this format, rowhomes express themselves in a wide variety of ways as showcased in this series. I was particularly interested in exploring forgotten neighborhoods to find homes that have become a collage of time. The non-straight lines of water-damaged cornices and boarded windows tell a story about the neighborhood’s past and present. These homes were found in a variety of neighborhoods through West and North Philadelphia." —@Hythacg



Fernando Magalhaes
Generative Artist

"Experimentation with new substances. The foundation of the upcoming events." —@Mgxs_gnss


Grifter #417

Crypto Artist

"Grifters gonna grift!" —@XCOPYART

Async Art


Reza Nia⁠
Fashion & Fine Art Photographer

"From the series "Sincerity", published in PhotoVogue 2017. Identity, social classes, nostalgia, surviving, and reviving Historical aesthetic elements are the main concepts that I aim to project through the underlying structure of my works. The relations between these subjects are the reason for choosing such nonverbal signs (costumes and make-up)." —@Rezaniaofficial



Dani Leoni⁠

"Relentless, my first digital painting on Makers Place" —@Daniela___l

Makers Place

Un millier de fleurs pour toi, mon amour perdu

Thami Ouafssou⁠
Digital Mixed Media Artist

"Winter withers what spring took so long to bloom." —@Thami_Ouafssou


Future's History Classes: ΞRA

NFT Artist

"We are living in an era which is so weird that 50 years later we will be studied in history classes by our children." —@Med_Watanuki



Alfred Kubrick
3D Artist

"This is a 3D installation about relationships between people. This installation demonstrates the complexity of the relationship in an attempt to maintain communication. Initially, the connection between people is confused. The connections that have arisen between people lose tension. Ultimately, one of the people changes and the connection stops working as before." —@Alfred_Kubrick