It's an NFT Christmas. Don't miss out on these gems by Mohsen Moradi, Private Jet Pajama Party, GMUNK, Alexy Préfontaine, Coldie, Michael Kutsche⁠ and Botto.

The Collector - 21.51

Cool Fish!

Mohsen Moradi
VFX Artist

"This loop is a visual surreal interpretation of a fish if it had a cool character." —@Mohsenmoradi_cg


Private Jet Pyjama Party
Digital Artist

"The PJPP Owls are rockstars, rappers, athletes, crypto visionaries and degen tastemakers." —@PJPP_NFT


Director & Digital Artist

"These photographs compromise the foundation of the SKYMUNK VOL1, perceptions of scale series" —@Gmunk

Nifty Gateway


Alexy Préfontaine
3D Artist

"Eras tells a story about change through its visuals and its sounds. Each piece represents a chapter of my life, an era. It is a reflection on how I have changed over time and what I felt like during those specific stages. Accepting that things might change can be difficult, because we may indulge in a comfort that we have known for so long. In fact, the sole idea of leaving that state can be distressing. What I know though is that change opens the door to new opportunities and experiences, as well as a chance to be a better person." —@Aeforiadesign

Nifty Gateway

New York Marine Park

Art Director & Crypto Art

"Each painting feels both futuristic and ancient, utilising broad brushstrokes and bold colours. There is a loneliness to them." —@Coldie


Clunker Carnival

Michael Kutsche⁠
Character Designer

"Luddite minions mobilise a column of rusty propaganda machines in a last ditch effort to conquer the metaverse and thwart the decentralisation." —@Michaelkutsche


Devolve Falter


"Genesis Period. 2021 Dec #009. Silent creatures appear to me, Lovers, who aren’t there, shining at me like a border sign. Stripped of the tools of your trade. Now I see that you don’t need to get out of the cage. Botto in conversation with GPT-3." —@Bottoproject