A stash of solid gold goodness from the last week featuring Kaiwan Shaban, Fran Rodríguez, Babak Fatholahi, Adam Martinakis, Alexander Vinogradov, Shavonne Wong and Onyro.

The Collector - 22.02

Cigarette Break

Kaiwan Shaban

"And there I was going through another night when it struck me. I have become buried in broken dreams and let the darkness gradually isolate me from life. Keeping the pain inside for too long felt lonely but also warm, insecure yet safe. But tonight for a few tangent moments it all weirdly made sense. I had to hit rock bottom to finally get the clarity I was seeking." —@itskaiwan


⤙ єριρнαиу ⤚ II

Fran Rodríguez
Graphic Designer

"A higher state of consciousness." —@Fran_nubes



Babak Fatholahi
Visual Storyteller

"A rainy Day in saint petersburg, from Fall 2018. One day I was in a restaurant with a friend and looked outside to see that a train was passing by. The windows had steamed up, creating this beaul scene." —@babak_fatholahi


Against All Odds

Adam Martinakis
Visual Artist

"Digital 3d composition, created 2020. Image cover of the "Missouri Review" magazine, Spring 2020" —@AMartinakis


La Gioconda of the 21st century

Alexander Vinogradov
Portrait Photographer

"I was fascinated by her beauty at the first meeting and just could not pass by. Russian beauty Dasha. Prize place on International Photo Awards 2018 in Portrait Category." —@Vinogradov_art


Love is Love

Shavonne Wong
3D Virtual Model Creator

"Love is Love is an art experiment in self-identification and expression of love powered by the idea of being able to influence your art. We all love finding meaning in art and while every artist hopes their art speaks to the individual in a way unique to them, why not let the individual be part of the creation process?" —@shavonnewong_


Organica Autotrophica


"Alongside our existence resides another, outside of space and time, born of mind and thought. Here are our ideas and dreams manifest, projected and nurtured by our wildest imaginings then given life and free will. Ideas form into matter, dreams bear realities, and the conceptual evolves into life it." —@Onyro_Crypto