Another week in the NFT community brings stacks of amaze. Feast yer eyez. Featuring Nihil, NonFungiblePeople, Rik Oostenbroek, WGMInterfaces, Luk and Ashley Marié.

The Collector - 22.03

Broken Sun

Digital Artist & Photographer

"Broken Sun is an outlook on a mythological apocalypse. The surface of the world is hostile and swept by devouring winds and ominous figures appear on the horizon. Instead of a precise description of hypothetic future events, Broken Sun shows a symbolic vision that would be haunting the collective conscience of humanity. Among many things, it has been inspired by the Book of Revelations and Jungian psychology. This mix of photography and digital painting has been used by the electro band Hocico as the front cover of their EP 'Broken empires' in 2021. Various elements came together into this creation, including Icelandic landscapes." —@Nihilfr



3D Artist

"8,888 beautifully rendered avatars algorithmically generated using the leading character generation tech on the market." —@NFungiblePeople



Rik Oostenbroek
Artist & Designer

"Arcus: a dense, horizontal, roll-shaped cloud sometimes occurring at the lower front portion of a cumulonimbus." —@RikOostenbroek



3D Designers

"Web Generated Modular Interfaces is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated PFPPP’s (profile picture passion project)." —@WGMInterfaces


Guardian of the Dead

3D Artist

"Bones of the Ancestors. Collaboration between 25m42 and Multi-Platinum producer Aeneas "Hardley Davidson" Middleton." —@25m42_luk


Tumi (Flower Portrait)

Ashley Marié

"Juxtaposing the new with the old, these digital collages are made up from my photographs and old masters still life paintings. A celebration and homage to beauty and it's fickle, fleeting nature and a memento vivere (Latin: "remember to live"). I want my work to not only acknowledge the power of beauty, but to also be a reminder that in it's physical form, it is fleeting, and what matters most is to remember to hold your head high and smile. You are here, and that is a great gift! Your most powerful weapon - is that which lives inside you." —@AshleyMarie_1