Our weekly curation of nifty art featuring Mwan, DΞARTIFACT, Nana Hank, Foleee, Ergin Ishakoglu, Nate Talbot, Lostmywaystudio and Kirill Sakrukin.

The Collector - 22.14

The Preacher Elevated

NFT Artist

"Welcome the Ash Walkers is a series of walking characters inspired by the work of Murat Pak." —@_Mwan_



Surreal Visual Artist

"An unnatural silence. I start to notice certain things: the turning of the wind, the change in the color of the sky, the hushed conversation around me. The songs of birds have stopped, but I know they will redouble when the colossus emerges from the fog, and the flocks begin to circle its towering form. By then, we will be gone." —@deArtifact



Nana Hank
Conceptual & Fine Art Photographer

"My imagery moves between surreal and mystical worlds unfurling in cinematic and dystopic themes." —@Cryptonana1


Autumn Ecstasy

Digital Artist

"When the autumn comes, leafs obey." —@Foleee1


The End of Illusion

Ergin Ishakoglu
NFT Artist

"At this moment. You finally become your true self." —@ErginIshakoglu


Anima Mundi

Nate Talbot
Digital Artist

"GI see myself as a medium between the immaterial digital world and the spirit world. I aim to deconstruct the tension between virtual and material planes, between my mixed Ojibwe and settler identities, and between technology and spirituality. I invoke digital beings through sculpting in virtual reality. With my work I invite my viewer to think about the liminal space between the simulation and the subconscious; exploring both the transcendent heights, as well as the ego-dissolving depths of our own minds entangled with technology." —@Nate__Talbot


Disappearing Act

Oil Painter & Digital Artist

"I am trained in fine arts, an art educator, and former co-founder of False Prophet Clothing. Painting is my catharsis and most of my work is about various existential crisis" —@lostmywaystudio



Kirill Sakrukin
Art Photographer

"My creativity is like a transition from a cocoon into a beautiful butterfly. I am now like in a spider's web in front of the opportunities that have appeared in front of me. I want to show how wonderful what I create is, but everything takes time. Soon I will become a beautiful butterfly, and this series will help you understand me." —@kirillfotolive