Incoming: Your weekly NFT art fix featuring Paul Reid, Scorchedrealm, Albert Soloviev, Marco Zagara, Negative Vibrations, Irene Chua, Andreas and Sasha Katz.

The Collector - 22.15

Asterion, the Minotaur

Paul Reid

"The Minotaur was a famous monster in Greek Mythology, the son of Queen Pasiphae of Crete and a white bull. His birth name, Asterion, in ancient Greek means 'starry one' and suggests a link with the bull constellation Taurus. He was imprisoned in the labyrinth at Crete by King Minos and fed a yearly sacrificial offering of Athenian youths. Eventually, the Minotaur was slain by the Athenian prince Theseus with the help of the KIng's daughter Ariadne." —@Minotaur_Man



3D Artist

"Agaue was foaming at the mouth; her rolling eyes were wild; she was not in her right mind, but possessed." —@scorchedrealm


Do it or don't

Albert Soloviev
Mixed Media Artist

"Do it or don't, but ensure to be you and only you whom makes the decision." —@albertsoloviev



Marco Zagara
Digital Artist

"So close, yet so far. Suspension of desire for an enduringly ephemeral necessity. Loss of certainty, a new path of self-discovery." —@marcozagara


Favela Swing - Night

Negative Vibrations
NFT Artist

"Night version of my Favela Swing animation. This artwork was originally gifted to Mr. Dr-Y: first collector of a day version, as a token of gratitude." —@NegativeVibrat1


Yūki - Courage

Irene Chua
NFT & Abstract Artist

"Part of the Samurai Intellect Series that was created on paper using fluid acrylics. Yūki, one of The Seven Virtues of The Samurai, this image conveys that "Simple bravery is something that appeals most easily to juvenile minds, and is hence not qualified to be considered a virtue, but rather a mere manifestation of ego and emotion. Only when bravery is fuelled by righteousness and justice can it qualify as Yūuki." —@Cheenkee


Still life with twigs


"Stil life, oil on canvas, 2018." —@andreasbirath


Sleep Paralysis

Sasha Katz
3D Artist

"Exploring the liminal time of when the mind perceives hallucinations that cannot be detected when it is completely awake. Lit by a mystical glow, pale bodies are found half-asleep in dramatic poses." —@wonderkatzi