Think of it as your weekly gift box of awesome inspiring artwork for your eyes and soul. Featuring Kirill Sakrukin, Mae Hall, Gatra Bahtera, Franca Turrin, Marina Troino, Muhju Art and Marterium.

The Collector - 22.16


Kirill Sakrukin
Art Photographer

 "The ice of my life is melting, and my inspiration shows a beautiful swan dance among these glaciers. With this collection I demonstrate the way out of a long "winter" sleep, I have not lived my life for 8 years, and now, like a beautiful swan, I will show you my wings." —@kirillfotolive



Mae Hall

"for my sister, my warrior; my armor; my protector." —@enixsta



Gatra Bahtera
Illustrator & Visual Artist

"Getting nowhere." —@gatrang


Resilience Alloxylon flammeum

Franca Turrin
Artist & Photographer

"Australian Native Flowers are the focal point of this collection. For natives to flourish they must undergo extreme and adverse conditions like wildfires before they can emerge from the darkness. Vulnerable and fragile but with an infinite inner strength, singular and resolute, this flora is a visual metaphor for resilience and love. Internal and external wildfires have followed me, but like these flowers, I’ve learnt to be present and allow the light to emerge from the darkness." —@francaturrin_



Marina Troino
NFT Artist

"Here I can be myself... The real me... Alone with my consciousness, sinking into it like the warm water of a swimming pool. I swim through my consciousness, diving deep and rising up again. I find and learn a new self here, filling the surrounding atmosphere. It is total relaxation, the very zen that many run here for. The singing birds, the water gently caressing naked body, the many plants and the complete solitude." —@MTroino


#29 - ACACUS

Muhju Art
Architect & Artist

"Driven by pride, you've lost yourself." —@MuhjuArt



NFT Artist

"If all things fall. Why at all build a miracle? If everything must be passed over. yes pyramid will not remain." —@Marterium_