We've explored this weeks frontier of NFT art and assembled our finds. Featuring Alex Grechka, Michele Petrelli, Leonardo Papèra, Lisa Odette, Unlimited Dream Co., Alejandro and Camille Boldt.

The Collector - 22.18

Child of Hellfire

Alex Grechka
NFT Digital Artist

 "The child of hellfire resides in purgatory, beckoning with its beauty and awaiting its martyrs for another massacre." —@grechka_alex


Blood Ties

Michele Petrelli
Contemporary Artist

"I interpret art as a gift, a means of revealing to men something that happens in one of three times (present, past or future). Sometimes the subjects appear pure and free, sometimes dark and gloomy. In this naturalness, without aesthetic schemes, the true state of mind at that precise moment is revealed. The dynamism of the lines highlights an unstoppable succession of states in continuous evolution." —@michelepetrelli


Last One Standing

Leonardo Papèra
Landscape Photographer

"Sometimes everything aligns and what you get is the exact scene you pictured a bazillion times in your head. In this case, while I was roaming through the hills and the fog was quickly disappearing, I arrived in front of this landscape and it was just perfect. A lonely tree waiting for the first lights of the day." —@Leo_Papera


Dahlia and her robe

Lisa Odette
Female and Feline Artist

"She gets dressed from time to time, but she mostly prefers to wear her robes." —@LisaODT


Ultra Nouveau

Unlimited Dream Co.
AI Artist

"Unique 1/1 artwork by Unlimited Dream Co. Each piece begins as an original pen and ink drawing which is entirely transformed by an advanced artificial intelligence." —@unltd_dream_co


The Priest

NFT Artist

"The Priest collects the broken souls of those unfortunate enough to come across him." —@enhypnion


SUMI #3 / Beige Landscape

Camille Boldt
Surreal Minimalism Artist

"SUMI (Surreal Minimalism) explores shapes and light through surrealist architecture. This collection was created from a desire to explore new horizons." —@camilleboldt