Forever exploring the minds of NFT artists. Featuring Chewy Stoll, Borja Alegre, Utkarsh Kushwaha, Catalin, Magnasoma, Madeline Cass and Yura Miron.

The Collector - 22.22

Hot Summer Nights (Mid July)

Chewy Stoll

"A tribute piece to Salvador Dalí, one of my biggest inspirations. This piece touches on the idea of feeling proud of who I am, putting myself out in the open, and allowing the world to see me vulnerable, without fear of judgement." —@chowzuh



Borja Alegre
3D Designer

"I make playful and engaging images." —@BO_VK_



Utkarsh Kushwaha
NFT Artist

"Delving into the immense expanse of one's own space-time of imagination, you realize how you're made up of endless possibilities, your subconscious knows no limits, and that you're the creator of your own reality. The expanse you explore in the utter solitude introduces you to the vastness that you have always carried within you but was masked in the chaos and clutter of the outside world. Delve is a piece of my imagination that portrays this vastness as the expanse of a barren space with a whole lot of possibilities." —@_sleeksnaps_


Aperture 09

Architect & Interior Designer

"Aperture is an extension of the Awe series, exploring rotational patterns generated not only by texture manipulation but also through geometry altering. Aperture 09 is a special edition piece, using Sanzo Wada's color combination #317: Light Pinkish Cinnamon, Ecru, Lemon Yellow, Turquoise Green." —@ctlnmsnd


Cadiz - Cadiz 01

Digital Artist

"Those righteous souls that once roamed the plains of Gades in Elysian fields persist in subterranean Cadiz, waiting to once again feel that gentle breeze. Cadiz is a series of 1/1 Seraphim built from original fluid simulations, frozen in infinite time as the World grows and changes around them." —@magnasoma


Xerophile - night blooming cereus

Madeline Cass
Artist & Photographer

"Vintage postcard" —@madzcass


All that appears and that exists

Yura Miron
Visionary Artist

"Mixed Ai techniques + overpaint. 2022." —@YuraMironArt