Crank up the A.C. We've got your weekly dose of NFT art sizzlers. Featuring Thomas Dubois, Synchrodogs, Yatreda, AnJoani, Erich Gordon, Lilly and Flower Blocks.

The Collector - 22.27


Thomas Dubois
Artist, Director & Art director

"The perfect blossom is a rare thing. You could spend your life looking for one, and it would not be a wasted life." —@ThomasDuboisArt


Flowermania #4


"Flowermania is a tribute to Planet Earth blooming (literally and metaphorically) in the world where transformation is a key to happiness of ones soul." —@synchrodogs


STRONG HAIR : 100 : ፻


"Looping 360° motion portrait from the Yatreda series “STRONG HAIR : ጠንካራ ፀጉር” which merges the diversity and power of African hair with the blockchain. This collection features 100 unique hairstyles from all across Ethiopia." —@yatreda



Visual Abstract Artist

"Obsessions of a dark mind from my Collection Motion and Shapes. Algorithm and human inspiration imagining the unthinkable." —@Anjoaninft


Diverse Rounded Letter J

Erich Gordon
3D Artist & Motion Designer

"Diverse Rounded is my first NTF 3D-type inspired by the Pointillism movement where dots and rounded shapes are the main figurative elements to recreate this font. Great artists such as Damien Hirst or the Japanese Yayoi Kusama, served as inspiration to reach this final result. I began to develop this alphabet starting from rounded geometric shapes, and had an initial starting point creating sketches from memories of old Japanese porcelain that were in my mother's house. Full of psychedelia, repetition and patterns." —@gore_std


Defeated by Exhaustion

Soulful Artist & Creator

"The sea it's turbulent and dark grey like her soul. The foam it's just a soft distraction from how chaotic and lost she feels in her empty heaven. The struggle became a huge monster, which she decide to hold hands and face the world. Embracing the monster birthed from her own abyss to find a new dimension in her gloomy world. Behind the veil there's an endless violent battle field between the ego and the heart. But who's winning ? the ego or the heart?" —@soulthesea_


Meaning Of Life

Flower Blocks
Photographer & Visual Artist

"My practice takes a look at preserving the beauty of the flowers and allows them to be viewed in a unique manner, with each flower hand-picked by me. I work with flowers as I love the idea of how their life cycle goes hand in hand with the work. I find ways to manipulate and shape how my audience looks at flowers. The juxtaposition of my subject and The use of NFTS fascinates me. Flowers have a purpose with a beginning and end. Just as the finished work will melt away, without capturing the pieces with photography, the work may have never been seen. " —@Flowerblocks