Blue skies, sunshine and your weekly dose of NFT art. Featuring Alexey Kazantsev, Bnine, Kseniya, Reuben Wu, Guy Bourdin, ØZ, Chema Mendez and Jord Hammond.

The Collector 22.29

Jenie - girl tangled in her hair

Alexey Kazantsev
Portrait Photographer

"FIAP Gold medal at the Riedisheim Photo Salon International Salon Gold medal at the "Portrait 2022" circuit" —@kazantssev


Cubic Storm

CG artist

"When his Duckness discovered new structure around the corner and the storm came in. Do not take the stairs to nowhere." —@cgbnine


The aesthetics of harmony


"The woman on a horse is not always speed and forward movement. It is passion, freedom, refined beauty. Together they are the embodiment of grace and unrestrained inner strength." —@ksenigap


The Vanishing (LN6846)

Reuben Wu
Multidisciplinary Visual Artist

"The first editioned piece in the Lux Noctis series. This project depicts landscapes unbound by time and space, influenced by ideas of planetary exploration, chiaroscuro painting, and science fiction." —@Reuben_Wu


Vogue Paris, December 1976

Guy Bourdin

"Bourdin's practice was one that made up its own rules while exploring the arenas of Surrealism, theatricality, absurdism, and sublimity. To the extent that a photographer's job is to show viewers interpretations of the world, Bourdin’s pictures crafted worlds in which there was no such thing as ordinary, and that all visions were cloaked in alluring and provocative sexuality. The genius that is stamped upon the legacy of Guy Bourdin is found in his inventiveness, enthusiasm, and fearlessness, qualities that define great art, great fashion, and great erotisicism in equal measures. Edition: 1 of 1" —@guy_bourdin


The New Wave

Digital Artist

"If heaven had granted me five more years, I could have become a real painter." Katsushika Hokusai —@ozanozcelik_



Chema Mendez
Surreal & Fine Digital Artist

"A visual ode to the ocean. Part IV of the Signature Series." —@mendezmendezart



Jord Hammond
Travel & Landscape Photographer

"'Timuhun' is the third and final part of my genesis series 'Serendipity'. As a result of Bali’s surging tourism before the pandemic, farming was being increasingly abandoned as a profession by the island’s younger generations. Yet with the unexpected turn of the tide in March 2020, the majority of tourism and hospitality workers were left with no choice but to return to their home villages in search of more traditional forms of work. One such group were these humble marigold farmers, whom I had the pleasure of documenting for a week in 2021. I followed their moves every morning as they harvested these vibrant marigolds in preparation to be transported and sold to a vendor at a nearby market. Despite their new and unexpected reality, they continued with such inspiring positivity, resilience, and solidarity, a testament to the Balinese spirit during such a turbulent period." —@JordHammond