Time to kick back and unwind with our weekly NFT art curation. Featuring Lily Callisto, Nicolas Bets, Greta Brat, Johana Kroft, Merr Watson, Cassiopeus, Victor Fota and Umut Sezer Koç.

The Collector - 22.30


Lily Callisto
Photographer & Artist

"A dream of the village." —@lilycallisto


Lovely Blue Milkshake

Nicolas Bets

"The genesis of the " LA Crazy bathroom " collection comes from a trip I made to LA several years ago. I went for a walk on the "Strip" on Sunset Blvd. The history of the club "Whisky à GOGO" where the DOORS often performed in the 70's, as well as the club "The LondonFog" and many others struck me. The places were invaded by all of the Rockstart. This story trotted in my head for a long time and a collection was born. I created an imaginary bathroom in the backstage of these clubs, with the atmosphere of the seventies." —@nicolas_bets



Greta Brat
3D Artist

"Who saw who first?" —@GretaBrat_



Johana Kroft
3D Designer & Artist

"This piece is inspired by Czech summer folklore song by the girl with the blue eyes who is sitting by the river." —@johakroft


White Island

Merr Watson
Drone Photographer

"Jumping off a boat and sinking my toes into soft white sand whilst admiring the turquoise waters and tropical island scenes that surround me is one of my favourite things to do when I find myself back in the Philippines. No matter how many times I go back to visit, I always discover something new that truly takes my breath away." —@MerrWatson



Digital NFT Artist

"Ignota - unknown." —@cassiopeus


Vanity 1.0

Victor Fota
Visual Artist

"I've created this painting in 2019 as a part of the "Hedonism Now" series which illustrates the seven deadly sins and their contemporary manifestations. This image describes the pressure of standardized beauty seen around us, from commercials, social media and even face filters." —@VictorFota


Resort 33

Umut Sezer Koç
Artist & Interior Architect

"I think I'll take a nap here after months of hard work, I feel it's much needed. Wanna come join me? I'll be on the lounge 33. Though please bring a sunscreen - my skin gets burnt extremely quickly. Drinks will be on me instead!" —@umutsezerkoc