Your weekly NFT art round-up. Featuring Ramon Gazhang, Ada Crow, Peter Farrell, Valérie, Dark Mark, Shaleen Shajith, Ashutosh Singh and Dmitry Shad.

The Collector - 22.31


Ramon Gazhang
NFT Photographer

"Welcome to the Monochrome Universe where I will be showcasing some of my most viral & loved styles of Black + White + Monochrome with a hint of Infrared." —@RamonGazhang



Ada Crow
Art Historian & Surrealist Multidisciplinary Artist

"In physics, a gravitational field is a model used to explain the influences that a massive body extends into the space around itself, producing a force on another massive body." —@adacrow


Pollen I

Peter Farrell
Photographer and Visual Artist

"Each photo featured in Pollinator // Pollenizer utilizes composite construction to craft a dreamworld depiction of the delicate inter-relationship of pollinator to pollenizer, as well as to the world it nurtures." —@pfarrell_photo



NFT Artist

"Chlorophyll, the essence of life: Light, oxygen, color. As in any form of art. As in any Woman." —@Valerie_Bi


Lady Stardust

Dark Mark
NFT Photographer

"Chapter III. She came to earth to save us, she is strength, intelligence, healer, a warrior, she comes from the past but lives in the future. We are all inner galactic lovers who love to fly through the stars. I was on my knees, she put me on my feet." —@darkmarknft



Shaleen Shajith
Digital Artist

"This artwork is part of the series Level. Exploring the fine line of balancing the complex and the simple. Inspired by Pseudofigurative, Minimalism, and contemporary sculpture. This is a still image of a 3D digital model sculpted in the Blender and rendered using the Cycles engine." —@shaleenshajith


Tired of being strong, withered to something old

Ashutosh Singh
Visual Artist & Photographer

"Tired of being strong, withered to something old." —@Pornsoup


Under the Black Sun 20

Dmitry Shad
Fine Art Photographer

"Under the Black Sun." —@Blacksunphotog1