Celebrate the Ethereum Merge with our exceptional NFT art selection. Featuring Guillermo Lorca, Peyman Naderi, Studio Brasch, Admir Hrnjica, Milad Safa, Andreas Birath, Daria and Justin Wirtalla.

The Collector - 22.33

The Landing

Guillermo Lorca
Oil Painter

"The girl seems to be resting in a placid dream, surrounded by some peculiar and fantastic geese. But is the dream so placid? In my own iconography, the girl with colored hair is a symbol of purity and tenderness, but at the same time, she is the most powerful of the characters, representing a kind of alter ego from my childhood. This part of myself faces and interacts with other internal forces in a struggle for balance." —@glorcagarcia


Portrait of Lorca

Peyman Naderi
Fine Art & Fashion Photographer

"It is the story of a girl who lived through a period of history but was never seen, and though she was very artistic, she always hid from others until one day her identity was revealed. She was still trying to keep his identity a secret until she was satisfied to register herself in history. This girl's name is Lorca, and I have been trying to portray her face with the story she has in my mind so that the whole world can touch her feelings." —@Peymannaderi_


THE JOURNEY — Chapter 1, Departure

Studio Brasch
Artist & Creative Director

"The genesis of this collection takes place in the early morning. We have reached the end of what we know and we are ready to explore new territory. We are letting go of preconceived notions, and we are embracing the unknown. As we look out on the horizon, butterflies and birds surround us, reminding us of rebirth and freedom which are qualities that will serve us well on our new journey." —@studio_brasch



Admir Hrnjica
Digital Artist

"Through the ages, we used celestial bodies to measure time. Before the clock and calendar invention, human beings relied heavily on the sun's position and the moon's phase for measuring time. Our lives are also stretched across a time period. We use our earthly bodies to measure time as well. We measure our time in this life through different phases, like childhood, puberty, adulthood, and old age. Like the moon goes through different phases, we also go through different phases." —@ado3dart


I Am No Artist

Milad Safa
Artist & Curator

"As an approach in photography, Minimalist photography could be taken by the photographer in all genres. No matter your are a street, architecture, landscape photographer, minimalistic photos are always an option as long as you have a minimal look toward your surroundings." —@miladsafa



Andreas Birath

"The original painting: same title, oil on canvas, 50x65 cm, 2012, private collection." —@andreasbirath


By Her Side

3D Artist

"With passion and love to art." —@daria_antypenko



Justin Wirtalla
Digital Artist & Photographer

"365 days of digital art. By creating one artwork each day, the idea is to fully immerse myself in the process of learning 3D art, and document the evolution of the journey over the course of a year." —@JWirtalla