Get your autumn NFT art fix. Featuring Kirill Sakrukin, Wes Cockx, JVLIVS, Nik Semenchin, William Cobbing, Peter Tarka, Str4ngeThing and Max Hay.

The Collector - 22.37


Kirill Sakrukin
Art Photographer

"Before your eyes is a picture of the meeting of my muse and inspiration, this world does not exist, but you can get into it, you just need to close your eyes and count to 10, and you will believe it. But I want to warn you, there will be no turning back, inspiration under the guise of a rabbit on a tricycle will come to you." —@kirillfotolive



Wes Cockx
Digital Artist

"These pieces come from my love for exploring and experimenting with visual styles, techniques and software to push my own limits, no briefs but only the limitation of my own creativity." —@wes_cream



Artist & Architect

"Biomorphic architecture is a style of architectural design that emphasizes natural shapes and patterns. As such, biomorphic architecture is inspired by organic forms like plants, animals, or the natural elements. The purpose of such architectural design is to emphasize the necessity of harmony between man-made structures and the natural world. This form of architecture has its roots in the Art Nouveau Movement."—@jvlivsxxi


Umbrella Mask

Nik Semenchin
Photography Artist

"The umbrella mask is great for hiding your emotions, but not your feelings." —@NSemenchin



William Cobbing
Clay Influencer

"A clay wire cuts through a mass of the formless clay head, slicing off carpaccio layers to reveal the layers below. With each new slice candy coloured paint oozes out, revealing eye and mouth-like orifices. Reminiscent of B movie horror films where limbs are cut open and blood pours out, here the glossy coloured liquid imbues this slapstick action with more ambiguity, and the performance is more deadpan. There is an abject quality to the interior of the clay head spewing forth, and blurring the boundary of the body that then spills out. The ASMR sounds of the puckering of the clay, and dripping of the paint, add to the sensory experience of the material narrative." —@WilliamCobbing


Light + Flowers

Peter Tarka
Artist & Art Director

"3D still life artwork." —@PeterTarka


0UR F4TH3R (The King)

AI Artist

"The story starts here, with The King. A ruler, an icon, the shepherd of culture for an era. As time always does.. it passes over, but casts a long shadow. The King will soon turn over his throne to one of his two sons. That throne comes with responsibility: governing the people and growing the culture. How will the two be maintained? Much of that will be left to the heirs. The collector of The King, will have a choice to make.You will receive a letter from both sons, you must return or burn the letter of the son you do not wish to take the throne. And from there, the story will continue." —@Str4ngeThing


Temple of Hydor

Max Hay
Digital Artist

"A forgotten sanctum, flooded and overtaken by nature." —@maxhayart