An NFT art curation that you certainly won't want to miss. Featuring Hannes Hummel, Lexy, Reisinger Andres, Frank Moth, Audace, OUTRUNYOUTH, Dolce Paganne and Maria Fynsk Norup.

The Collector - 22.38

Spring is Coming

Hannes Hummel
Interdisciplinary Designer & 3D Artist

"'Spring Is Coming' - is a digital reimagination of Flemish still-life oil paintings. The animated artwork captures the profusion of accurate flower depictions - each element of the intricate bouquet is minutely arranged and precisely animated, revealing the lush variety in full bloom. Though captured in this fleeting state, the flowers will soon start to wilt and brown, serving as a reminder that all things must pass." —@hanneshummel


Orange Hesitation

Digital Artist

"Torn between the huge amount of responsibilities and the wish to create something bigger and more meaningful in this world full of darkness. I pause to look around and admire the beauty in life and yet I find myself drowning in emotions." —@Lexy_AST



Reisinger Andres
Digital Artist

"We witness in real time as nearly all the multiplied chairs are digitally burned. This work questions the significance of a digitally multiplied object and the impact of the 99 digitally burned chairs. If the burning of the 99 chairs occurred prior to tokenization, are we undervaluing the narrative about a digital asset's life and development prior to the minting process?"—@reisingerandres


She saw the Equator

Frank Moth
Digital Collage Artist

" a small silent room of the house she grew up in." —@Frank_Moth



AI Artist

"Discover all the beauty and elegance of natural curves. A Rendez-vous between Precisionism and Minimalism around the theme of Nature. I let you appreciate." —@audaceart


After Hours

Digital Artist

"I live between here and there, now and then, undisturbed by obligations and rudimentary calls. I do not know my destination - that is the beauty of it all." —@outrunyouth


Twins Ø Mithra

Dolce Paganne
Voodoo Artist

"When day falls into night and Mars aligns with Algol the Demon Star, Mithra’s naughty daughters snatch the raging bull to faraway lands. When the crazy party of Gods ends and a new era begins." —@DolcePaganne


Rite de passage

Maria Fynsk Norup
Self-Portrait Photographer

"Rite de passage" is a very special artwork for me, created with and for my twelve year old daughter, to visualise her current stage in life." —@mariafynsknorup