A new year means a fresh NFT art perspective. Featuring Mira Ruido, Tom Leighton, Moledarma, Maximilian Pohler, Somy Samani, Janie Fitzgerald, Harry Pack and Domagoj Burilovic.

The Collector - 23.01

Resistance, Defeat, and Cynicism

Mira Ruido

"Resistance, Defeat, and Cynicism are the 3 ravens that fly over your every thought. Resistance holds out with the strength she no longer has. Defeat has found in failure a self-indulgent pleasure that satisfies and anesthetizes. The postmodern Cynicism caws like none of her sisters but remains tied to the same white thread as them. Below, you, with wet feet and a black feather in your hand." —@MiraRuido



Tom Leighton
Visual Artist

"Still is part of the series Poise, an exploration of geological process - where an implied violent and dislocating history is now set in a mysterious moment of beauty and equilibrium." —@tomleightonart



AI Artist

"The representation of the code of imagination gives rise to the evolution of today's facts, semiotic experience makes it have an affinity between imagination and reality. Bringing up his own world to be a choice for creatures that live in the realm of imagination." —@moledarma



Maximilian Pohler

"We walked along the cliffs, had no destination. We just drifted to escape the stressful times and let the evening sun into our hearts. But this one single frame didn't let me go. The furrows washed out by the rain adorned the red sandstone. Immediately below, a lush green carpet was sprouting, with a bloom I'd never seen before. It was as if a gate had opened into another world." —@p0hleroid


The sky of my heart

Somy Samani
Self-Portrait Photographer

"You can feel the sky between my hands." —@somysamani


Poppy House

Janie Fitzgerald
AI Artist

"Living in a new climate." —@janiefitzgerald


There was nowhere to go but everywhere...

Harry Pack

"So just keep rolling on under the stars." —@harrypackart1


DORF (1)

Domagoj Burilovic

"The gabled agricultural house is painted in earthy yellow colors. It has typical neo-historicist ornaments but also rare art nouveau details made of black ceramics and art nouveau colored glass above the door. The house is immersed in the background of the oak forest. The photo is part of a series awarded with the first place of the Sony World Photography Award in the professional Architecture category." —@DomBurilovic