It's the AI era of NFT art. Check out these fresh Foundation collections. Featuring Lassinger, Marcello, Pax Roman, Deep Kahlo, Jerome Herr, Richard Chappelow, Prostov and Petra Voice.

The Collector - 23.03


AI & 3D Artist

"It is always about building and growing…" —@larsnagler


Psychedelic Landscape

Digital Artist

"This is a 3D Landscape with psychedelic colors created using AI + PS." —@A_Magic_Forest


Tempus Est Nunc

Pax Roman
NFT Artist

"Time is a finite and non-renewable resource, and cannot be replenished once it is used. The concept of time is a fundamental aspect of human experience and is central to our understanding of the universe. It is measured by various means, including clocks, calendars, and the cycles of natural phenomena such as the rotation of the Earth and the changing of the seasons. It is a precious commodity that should not be wasted, and each moment should be used to its fullest potential." —@pax_art



Deep Kahlo
Graphic Designer & Illustrator

"Amidst a riot of blooms, these women's portraits remind us of the resilience and beauty of marginalized communities. Their presence serves as a call to celebrate and recognize their contributions. A powerful reflection on inclusivity and the strength of unity." —@deepkahlo


Code x AI

Jerome Herr

"This collection represents a reinterpretation of a previous code art project of mine, namely 'House of the Rising Sun' on fxhash, through the utilization of AI." —@GanWeaving



Richard Chappelow
Interdisciplinary Artist

"A generative abstract release that combines over 300 unique hand-made elements taken from my digital sketchbook." —@BilndArt


Plastic Feelings

AI Artist

"Try to find LOVE. Each photo is named after a particular feeling it evoked in me." —@prostov_gordey



Petra Voice
AI Artist

"Technology and nature can coexist and even thrive together, but nature will always find a way to assert itself even in a polluted technogenic world. The presence of old microchips as the past and growth of flowers as continuation of life, shows that the past has a lasting impact on the present and future. This interconnectedness is a reminder of the importance of finding balance and harmony between opposing forces." —@petravoice