Eye-spy NFT art treats. Featuring Viola Rama, June, Carlos Neda, Alex Kittoe, Ksenia Buridanova, Mihai Grecu, Giulio Aprin and Hussain Marzooq.

The Collector - 23.04

Synthetic Muses

Viola Rama
Digital Artist

"Synthetic Muses is a series of AI-generated portraits that explores themes surrounding the construction of identity and the intersection between technology and the body, drawing inspiration from feminist science fiction and futuristic imagery." —@violarama_



Contemporary Artist

"What fairy tales does the heroine watch in her VR glasses? I know that she loves to travel through time and is friends with dinosaurs. She carves a woodcut for them while listening to the music from Lost Eden computer game." —@XenoCat_Art



Carlos Neda
3D Artist

"In this last year I've been for a while in obscure circumstances, on mental puzzles, places where I had no idea how to overcome, I realized that after all even in those moments I can take advantage to see the beauty of it. Only through these hard experiences we can become more stronger and wiser to evolve. So let's accept whatever the f**k it comes in life and welcome it with kindness." —@riviersneda


Peace In Solitude

Alex Kittoe

"The only time I find myself truly at peace in this chaotic world is when I am alone in nature. When isolated in nature, the rest of the world seemingly disappears for a moment. All the stresses of daily life and civilization temporarily melt away. Quiet stillness, beautiful scenery, and fresh mountain air all combine to make this one of the most peaceful places I have visited. This photo was captured near Beaver Creek, Colorado, on a warm summer day, and is a visual representation of finding peace in solitude." —@AlexKittoe



Ksenia Buridanova
AI Artist

"What’s in the hand disdains to take the form of the hand, what’s been understood exists no more, the bird is confused with the wind, the sky with its truth, man with the reality." —@BuridansCatAI



Mihai Grecu
Multimedia Artist

"AI-generated metaphors on the transformations of matter. The folds of time and space are displaced and reveal glimpses of other dimensions which virtually manifest in the reality of the physical world. Blending between minimal metaphysical landscape and complex otherworldly sheer apparitions, these artworks transport the viewer to a contemplative and meditative state, where deep philosophical background, science-fiction references and visual mesmerism are intertwined." —@the_grecu


Sands of Time

Giulio Aprin

"There are places where time passes slower than others, where distance does not determine space, where sand marks time. The desert teaches you to adapt to the course of the sand, dune after dune, grain, after grain. The sand is the host and we are the guests. Many civilizations have been buried by the sands of time; or maybe by the time of sand. The wind transports the sand slowly, day after day, depositing it where it encounters obstacles or where a dune has already been formed, expanding it and sometimes creating new ones. I like to imagine this process as a dance of nature. Sand, Wind and Time unite to create a superior art form. These places and their memory remain preserved here in these images immortalizing the time and the sands." —@GiulioAprin


Beginning to Resist

Hussain Marzooq

"There are many things that separate us from each other. Colours, Languages, cultures, places, values and traditions. And there are many things that control women and limit them. This work is the scream against all of it, this is the first step of Resistance." —@Immortality00