It's been another week of NFT art gold. Featuring Daniel Harper, Nana Hank, Francien Krieg, Varya, Steveo Spirals, Berk Kaan Kaya, Tompop and Chairit Prapai.

The Collector: 23.06

Propagation 01

Daniel Harper
Digital Artist

"A computer simulation representing the organic process of a fungal symbiont spreading over and consuming a manmade structure, propagating new life." —@___dannh


Beat around the bush

Nana Hank
Conceptual & Fine Art Photographer

"My way of storytelling is inspired by philosophical and psychological topics. A protagonist is the focus, embodying the connection between inner world and the outer world in a metaphorical and otherworldly sense." —@nanahanketh


Whispers of immortality

Francien Krieg

"An artwork that depicts the timelessness of love, yet also highlights the inevitability of decay and the transience of life. The work features two figures locked in an eternal togetherness , their love radiating and transcending time. However, the figures are surrounded by the signs of decay, with wilted burnt op paper, craquelure surface and a sense of faded grandeur that alludes to the fading of life. The contrast between the eternal love and the decaying world serves as a reminder that while love may be immortal, everything else is subject to the forces of time and the cycles of life and death. The artwork is a poignant meditation on the beauty and fragility of existence, and the power of love to endure even in the face of mortality." —@Nocturnallady2


Savings #7

AI Artist

"Glass overflowing with flowers." —@JpgVarya


The World On Fire

Steveo Spirals
Art Photographer

"A global society hell bent on its own destruction. Fully knowing the facts, we choose to live in blissful ignorance while everything slowly burns all around us." —@steveospirals



Berk Kaan Kaya
Interior Architect & 3D Artist

"That moment when we fly freely from the space where we create our own selves." —@KaxNFT


Our Love To Admire

Artist & Designer

"Created with p5.js, it is a collection that uses two types of simple geometric shape to create new and unexpected forms, with a colour palette that creates pleasing combinations, blends and interesting surprises." —@tompop99


Parallel of Destiny.

Chairit Prapai
Fashion & Portrait Photographer

"From the series “Parallel of Destiny.” My final project from London College of fashion." —@chairitprapai