Forever exploring the depths of the NFT art world. Featuring Pablo Chaco, Zach Doehler, Marc Jan, Elisey Zhukovsky, Joshua Teplitz, Kaiwan Shaban, Razil Minnakhmetov and Jenni Pasanen.

The Collector: 23.07

I Am The Black Sheep

Pablo Chaco
Visual Artist

"With this series, I aim to pay tribute to the black sheep in families, as they play a significant role in making families truly fantastic. Their unique qualities and differences add richness and diversity to family dynamics and should be celebrated and embraced." —@Pa3loChaco



Zach Doehler
Landscape & Nature Photographer

"Embarking on an epic 3000km journey from British Columbia, Canada in our somewhat trusty 23-year-old SUV, we arrived at a uniquely stunning destination in the Southwest. The road leading to this extraterrestrial terrain was slightly perilous, but thankfully, our 4x4 vehicle was up to the task. After a restful night camping nearby, I eagerly rose early to capture the breathtaking textures illuminated by the soft, golden light. The scene was simply spectacular, with a captivating leading line that drew me in - as if a colossal snake had woven itself into the land, creating a landscape unlike any other. Truly a sight to behold!" —@Calibreus_



Marc Jan
3D Artist

"Scattered like leaves, blown by the wind, drifting, lost and alone, in a vast and empty world. Once a part of something whole, now separated, disconnected, from the source of life." —@MarcJan3D


Room of Desires

Elisey Zhukovsky
CG Artist

"I once had a thousand desires. But in my one desire to know you all else melted away." —@ZhukovskyElisey



Joshua Teplitz

"Exploring humanity's convoluted and strained relationship with nature and the environments that have fostered us, Joshua Teplitz envisions a new human race that exists harmoniously among their native landscape. Through a collaboration with artificial intelligence, 3D modeling software, and in-camera portraiture, "THE EVOLUTION OF A BLOSSOM" comes to fruition in the form of Teplitz's genesis post-photography mint." —@josh_tep


Dear Future Me

Kaiwan Shaban
Visual Artist

"Dear Future Me, It’s crazy how one wrong turn can set you off on unexpected tangents in the middle of nowhere. Somehow, I think it’s all meant to be and it would have all led to this destination. I’m putting my trust in us and taking a long step out. I hope you hit the right roads and opened the right doors." —@itskaiwan


Alone with Nature - Katya

Razil Minnakhmetov

"Photos of beautiful girls alone with nature." —@razilone


Mask Obscura - Element

Jenni Pasanen
Digital Painter & AI Artist

"Series of masked beings created by uniting machine and mind. Based on shapes generated by generative adversarial networks. These intriguing machine created shapes let the imagination run wild in a world that isn't limited by human emotion--creators' vision work as the heart of the machine. Stepping forward with a new medium of art and machine learning, by combining the two as one we can create something unprecedented and fascinating." —@PasanenJenni