Our curation of inspirational digital art finds. Featuring Rita Malka, Andrés Reisinger, Karina Kedrina, Marina, Ryan D. Anderson, Thor Elias Engelstad, Andrés Gallardo and Storm.

The Collector: 23.10


Rita Malka
Photographer & Face Paint Artist

"This self-portrait serves the interaction between the environment and the perception of itself in it. It all begins in the middle. A reflection of the symphony, through the body and the female natural beauty, in a symbolic image." —@malka_napas


Take Over

Andrés Reisinger
Digital Artist

"A new thought-provoking digital art installation series that challenges the notion of “reality”. It uncannily converges the physical and digital realms, proposing a new and democratic understanding of their possible interactions. Transcending physical geographical boundaries, the new series takes place in major international capitals all over the world, proposing a pink-lead enveloping experience to be enjoyed as a community." —@reisingerandres


Autumn petals

Karina Kedrina
AI Artist

"The inspiration for the creation of the portrait was the work of the Flemish masters of the Renaissance of the 16-17th century. The work was done using own photography and AI." —@karinaogneva



Digital Illustrator

"I-301 is one of the few representatives of creatures that live on the distant planet. She loves to come to the forbidden zone and play with butterflies. She believes that the love of nature will save her planet from self-destruction." —@MerinMiler



Ryan D. Anderson
Animator & Visual Artist

"Ever had a car so excited to go on a drive that it absolutely freaked out every time it hit the road? Excited to see the next part of the road and any new scenery that came with it? This is dedicated to that hyper little car that had too much gasoline for breakfast." —@ItsRyanAnderson


After Dark

Thor Elias Engelstad
Visual Artist

"After dark is when magic happens. Ongoing personal photography project which has won awards, been exhibited and published in magazines." —@thor_elias


Muralla Roja

Andrés Gallardo

"La Muralla Roja, designed by Ricardo Bofill and built in the 70's, is one of most iconic pieces of Spanish architecture. The building is located in my hometown, Alicante. Living abroad for over a decade, these photos mean a strong connection with my origins." —@AndresgallardoP


The Garden


"Storm is an impressionist artist from Wisconsin who started to create to help her cope with her emotions. Her main subject is painting meaningful landscapes that are dreamy and feel like home." —@jaaysart