Step inside the creative minds of NFT artists. Featuring Petra Voice, Kristian Levin, Kirill Sakrukin, Connor Campbell, Brooke DiDonato, Louis Dazy, Marina Ahmadova and Stephan Vasement.

The Collector: 23.11

laisse-moi tempêter // self-portrait

Petra Voice

"This artwork represents a combination of my emotions and feelings from a memorable time in my life. It showcases chaos and order, a perfect balance of the two and the feeling of being on a journey through life. It reminds me of love, calmness, excitement, and clarity amidst the haze of confusion. The tangled hair, piece of fabric turning into dress, and splashes of paint symbolize the beauty that can emerge from chaos." —@petravoice



Kristian Levin
3D Artist

"When that which was thought to be perfect. The animus withered, unraveled torn asunder. From the depths of the aegean I ascend. Moirai's prospect will breath their light." —@NoCreative_eth


Spiritual Pearl

Kirill Sakrukin
Art Photographer

"My philosophy is based on love for nature and human beauty, I love the emotions of nature, I see the unusual in ordinary things." —@kirillfotolive


Pitchblaque 3/3

Connor Campbell
Audiovisual Artist

"Over 6 years of experience in audio and visual production, marketing, curation and creative direction have led to this very moment." —@LEViTATE_AV


Deserted Woman

Brooke DiDonato

"What should I wear?" —@brokedidonato



Louis Dazy
Fine Art Photographer

"I combine portraiture, street photography, and light work allowing me to create highly evocative cinematic images." —@louisdazy


Velvet Sunset

Marina Ahmadova
AI Artist

"No matter how endless the night may seem, no matter how dark, it is always followed by dawn. Just like in life, everything has the ability to change." —@ahmadova_marina



Stephan Vasement
AI Artist

"Europe After the Rain is a collection dedicated to the aesthetics of post-war Europe, in particular France." —@stephanvasement