This weeks digital art selects comin' atcha. Featuring Paul Trillo, Kira Xonorika, Ali Farouk Saloum, Nani Tamoona, Igor Tsaruk, Adam Martinakis, JVDE and Lily Illo.

The Collector - 23.14

Constant State of Ascension

Paul Trillo
Director & Artist

"In a constant state of ascension, our past selves are left behind and our new self is made of infinite synthesis." —@paultrillo



Kira Xonorika
AI Artist & Writer

"From the smallest subatomic particles to the largest galaxies, everything is part of a complex web of ancestral relationships and interactions. We are connected to the natural world, to the universe, and to each other in ways that transcend our individuality. Interconnectedness and interdependence are crucial to world-building/welcoming visions of a new Earth." —@xonorika


Slow Burn

Ali Farouk Saloum

"Inspired by a pivotal learning experience when I was a child, and a reminder to continue pushing limits through life to avoid a slow burn." —@alifarouksaloum


Tɧҽ Pσɾƚǟɭ

Nani Tamoona
Multidisciplinary Artist

"As the sun set and darkness crept in, a hush fell over the land. It was the kind of silence that left one feeling alone, as if the world was empty, and they were the last remaining soul. Yet, in that stillness, something stirred. Beneath the pale and ghostly light of the moon, a portal opened. It was a gateway to another world, one that lay beyond the sight of mortals. This realm was pure and bright, untouched by the darkness of the world. Only those with a pure heart could enter this world, but there were few who dared. For the portals were hidden away in the deepest of dells, far from the beaten path. They were guarded by magic, and only opened when the moon rose high in the sky." —@moonchildtamoo



Igor Tsaruk
AI Artist

"We all play different roles." —@tsaruk_igor



Adam Martinakis
3D Digital Artist

"Quantum_Balance_Theory is a 3D digital artwork that explores the connections between quantum particles, balance, and the human body. The digital loop depicts a complex network of particles that seem to be in a state of delicate equilibrium and motion, with each particle exerting a subtle influence on the others" —@AMartinakis


Women of the Meta #01

Visual Artist & Photographer

"In the not-too-distant future, virtual reality glasses will become an essential part of our daily lives. They will evolve from being merely a tool for entertainment and gaming into a key accessory that reflects our personal style and identity. Whether we wear them to work, to meet friends, or to explore new worlds, they will be a tool to communicate and show off our interests and passions to others." —@JvdeNft


He knew how to knit

Lily Illo
Artist & Illustrator

"He endeared himself to others because he knew how to knit. He wondered if that would be enough." —@lilyillo