Digital art collectibles not to be missed. Featuring OAK, Yzarc Yzarc, Alizé Jireh, June Redthread, Manfredi Caracciolo, Yugal Odhrani, Dolce Paganne and H01.

The Collector - 23.16


Photographer & Digital Artist

"The action or process of developing and unfolding as if coming into flower b: an instance of such development c: fullness of manifestation : culmination 2: the period or state of flowering. This is a collection of surreal artworks blending Ai assisted photo manipulation and editing done in post." —@Oak_Arrow


Lady Bird

Yzarc Yzarc
Digital Artist

"Difficult moments in life are like red birds that have come to surround us, symbolizing struggle, pain and suffering. Just like birds that endure storms, we too are forced to endure difficult experiences that bring us a lot of emotional adversity." —@yzarc_yzarc


Growing Pains

Alizé Jireh

"An adult grieving the loss of their inner child. "Home" is no longer a place, but the body you dwell in. An organism that constantly seeks ways to regulate itself throughout the process of death and transmutation. Roaming through landscapes split between sobriety and daydream, one finds comfort in melancholy and poetry in pain. Disillusioned magic unfolds as a deep reverence for change is encountered." —@AlizeJire


Vision of Redthread in 4 Seasons : [Spring] Blossom

June Redthread
Phygital 3D & AI Artist

"Vision of Redthread is for Outdoor Specific IRL Installations to be set in Nature. Inspired by an Asian ancient belief, ‘Invisible Red thread connects all who are destined to meet.’ Redthread is about human connections and relationships. I wanted to visualize the invisible beautiful connections that we all build in life." —@june_redthread


Left behind

Manfredi Caracciolo
Digital Artist

"Footprints leading nowhere." —@Itsfredi1



Yugal Odhrani
3D Artist & Art Director

"Demon time." —@yvgal


Holda’s Feast

Dolce Paganne
Vvoodoo Artist

"The artwork is a mixed media drawing on paper inspired by the dark side of fairytales." —@DolcePaganne




"Capturing the yearning to shape our lives according to our aspirations despite the constraints of our fleeting time on this planet through surrealism and metaphors." —@humanoidia