Digital art freshness. Featuring Doopiidoo, Agnese De Donato, Joelle LB, Lamia Eda Kula, MoutCaas, Hannah Polza, Lunático and Milla Si.

The Collector - 23.17

The Faces We Wear

AI Artist

"Fish don't have a good sense of humor." —@doopiidoop


Locus Solus

Agnese De Donato

"What awaits us in this theater will not be the notions of sense, meaning, value but those, rather, of suspension, risk, bet, checkmate, play, seduction, death. A putting to death of meaning. Locus Solus is a play by Memè Perlini, one of the most representative exponents of Italian avant-garde theater, inspired by Raymond Roussel's surreal 1914 novel." —@agnesededonato


Hypnagogic hallucinations

Joelle LB
Photographer & Digital Artist

"Hypnagogic hallucinations is a collection of AI-generated images inspired by surreal dreams, unique landscapes, art history and costume history. Some of the pieces will eventually be recreated with photography once the collection is sold out, allowing me to incorporate my fashion design and special effects makeup skills. The collector of this piece will be entered in a raffle to win the print of his choice from the AI project as well as receive an edition of one of the photo versions." —@joelle_lb


Deep Space Nebula

Lamia Eda Kula
Abstract Artist

"A distant nebula glowing with star dust in the far reaches of outer space resonates with the mysterious depths that we each hold inside our hearts. Lamia Eda is interested in the energetic fields of the cosmos and of the positive and spiritual connection we feel with deep blue space, even if we have never seen it. The artist is interested in evoking emotions in people through abstract art. Hand-painted with acrylic on canvas, this digital work is a high-res scan of the original painting." —@EdaLamia


Amazonian Adventure

CG Artist

"The more we try to control nature, the more imbalanced our world becomes." —@CaasMout


Stone heart

Hannah Polza
NFT Artist

"Moments." —@HannahPolza



Digital Artist

"A dream within a dream within a dream... Narratives born in the subconscious mind." —@lunatico___


Deepest feelings

Milla Si

"Feeling pain is still better than not feeling, isn’t it?" —@millasi_