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Beautiful portfolio sites—powered by clever technology and you

Fabrik's intelligent themes adapts to your content to create stunning results.

Built to scale—no matter how big your business grows

Fabrik includes advanced tools for categorising and tagging your work. Represent an entire roster of talent and set out your projects in whichever way makes the most sense to you.

Fabrik sub portfolios
Fabrik sub portfolios

Infinite Portfolio Levels

Use portfolios and sub-portfolios to organise your site. Build rosters of talent, create archives or highlights. Like Inception, but for your studio.

Fabrik grouping projects

Group, tag, link

No matter much work you want to show. Represent your projects by genre, creator, year, medium. Whatever makes sense for you.

Fabrik grouping projects

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Instantly switch layouts—without affecting your media or content

Choose how your projects looks at the tap of a button. Introducing Stacked, Lightbox, Slideshow, Gallery, Spotlight, Video and Strip layouts.

Fabrik lightbox layout example
Fabrik lightbox layout


All images are displayed as thumbnails. When tapped they open a larger version in a lightbox above. Navigate with next and previous buttons or close the lightbox to return back to the grid at any point.

Fabrik slideshow layout example
Fabrik slideshow layout


Navigate through your media items one at a time using next and previous buttons. Take your viewers through your story in a sequence you dictate.

Fabrik strip layout example full
Fabrik strip layout example
Fabrik strip layout


Images display horizontally, full height in your browser. Slide right to left as you navigate through your media. The perfect layout choice for varied aspect ratios, portrait and square images.

Fabrik stacked layout example
Fabrik stacked layout


Allowing for variety in the media of your project. Choose Stacked for imagery and video together, for varying aspect ratios, or if you’re looking for a feed view.

Fabrik stacked layout example

Level-up your work—with a portfolio platform built just for you

Made by creators for creators. Take creative control over your portfolio and complete your site in record time with full customer support.

Fabrik Themes Icon

Intelligent Themes

Instantly change your site's theme as often as you like without touching your media and content.

Photo: Barnaby Roper
Fabrik Domains Icon

Use your own Domain Name

Keep your unique Fabrik URL, or connect your Fabrik portfolio to your own domain name for a truly professional site.

Fabrik High Resolution

Full Resolution Photography

Upload high quality images and let Fabrik output the perfect version for any viewer, on any device.

Photo: Prajit Ravindram
Fabrik Creative Control

Creative Control

Customise your site without writing a line of code. Pick colours, fonts and layout styles that best fit your portfolio style.

Fabrik Share

Share everywhere

Connect your Fabrik portfolio to all your favourite social networks. Keep your audience up to date with every shoot you've been working on.

Fabrik Media Integration

Instant Media Integration

Adding video and audio into your portfolio from your favourite services couldn't be easier or quicker.

Photo: Diana Neto
Fabrik Support

Customer Support

We're here to help right through your free trial and your time using Fabrik for any assistance or queries you have.

Photo: Isaac Marley Morgan via Stylist Grace Wright
Fabrik Analytics

Google Analytics

Analyze your website's traffic and learn about your audience with Google Analytics.

Fabrik Speed

Really, really fast image loads

Your media is served by an ultra-fast content delivery network from data centres distributed around the world.

Photo: Adam Goodinson via MUA Poppy France
Fabrik Responsive

Perfect on any device

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Camp David showcase
Fabrik testimonial

Camp David

Production Company

"We love the creative design of our new website! Fabrik had tons of background knowledge on current and innovative website and design trends which was invaluable to us."

Academy showcase
Fabrik testimonial


Production Company

"We were beyond impressed by how far we were able to stretch the design aspects of the site while still having user friendly back-end capabilities."

Bauer Artwork showcase
Fabrik testimonial

Bauer Artwork

Illustration Studio

"Holy Jesus on a horse - your dashboard and editor are just amazingly fast and stable. Really awesome job you did there!"

Friends Electric showcase
Fabrik testimonial

Friends Electric

Creative Studio

"People always compliment us on the way our site looks, and thanks to the team at Fabrik it's super easy to maintain and keep up to date."

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