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Document your process and exhibit your work with Fabrik


Stefan Reiss is an artist.
This is his Fabrik.

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Document your process and exhibit your work with Fabrik


Each artist works in a unique way, but almost all artists rely on the same tools to present their work to the greatest audience. No matter what medium your art uses, documenting and exhibiting it are important steps in it’s lifecycle. Create projects for your pieces, quickly and easily add your videos, photography and accompanying text. You don’t need to touch a line of code to use Fabrik and you can change themes and customise the style of your site at any point without needing to re-format or re-upload your media.

Document and share your process with Fabrik’s powerful blogging tools, display your pieces chronologically or collect them into series or galleries. Fabrik is malleable; make it work your way.

  • Cropping

    Fabrik provides a number of cropping options to give you control over how your imagery is presented on your site. We believe in letting you decide how our themes work with your images for the best result. Of course, cropping is optional for those of you who prefer to present every glorious detail of your work.

  • Support

    Our support team are on-hand to help you get your Fabrik site set up and live. If you need help adding your content or more technical aspects such as linking your domain then look no further.

  • Responsive Design

    Fabrik is designed to look great on any device. From mobile to desktop or even TV and billboards, our themes allow your work to shine whilst giving your audience the very best possible experience, however they view your website.