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Fabrik - Custom Domains
Custom Domains

Connect your Fabrik portfolio to your own custom domain for a truly professional site. Our support team are on-hand to help if you need them.

Fabrik - Simple but flexible
Simple but flexible

Add your film projects in a matter of moments then fine-tune the look of your portfolio with Fabrik's incredibly easy to use layout, colour and text options.

Fabrik - Private if you need it
Private if you need it

Sharing treatments, rushes and progress work couldn’t be easier. Toggle projects from public to private or protect them with a password and you're good to go.

The fastest way on earth to build your portfolio

Fabrik's near-instant import from Vimeo and YouTube will get you from zero to launch ready in minutes. With support for the industry's most reknowned video hosting platforms there's nothing standing in your way.

Loved by filmmakers and agencies worldwide

Fabrik's development has been guided by input from hundreds of filmmakers just like you.

  • Fabrik - Filmmaker - Ben Fordesman
    Fabrik - Filmmaker - Ben Fordesman

    Ben Fordesman
    Director of Photography

    "I can upload a new piece of work in minutes anywhere in the world, looks great and super easy to use. The people at Fabrik are friendly and very supportive."

  • Fabrik - Filmmaker - Christopher Hewitt
    Fabrik - Filmmaker - Christopher Hewitt

    Christopher Hewitt

    "I can get fresh work into my portfolio wherever I am. Amazingly quick to use and so slick it's like nothing else out there."

  • Fabrik - Filmmaker - Emil Nils Nylander
    Fabrik - Filmmaker - Emil Nils Nylander

    Emil Nils Nylander
    Practice Films

    "As a filmmaker Fabrik is the perfect website tool. Super easy to use which saves me time and thanks to the clean themes Fabrik shows my portfolio exactly the way I want it. I'd recommend it to every filmmaker and photographer out there!"