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Nanu Segal

Nanu is a cinematographer.
This is her Fabrik.

As close as possible

Nanu Segal

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Nanu Segal is an award-winning cinematographer based in the UK. She is passionate about storytelling, and how images can be used to underpin narrative. For Nanu, collaborating with unique directors to create the perfect visual tone for each piece of work is an endlessly rewarding process.

Since training as a cinematographer at the NFTS in the UK, Nanu has shot a range of feature films, from art house (All Good Children, Song of Songs), to genre (Donkey Punch, The Children), as well as numerous short films which have collected many awards from film festivals across the globe (Cannes Cinefondation Award/BAFTA/Rhode Island). Alongside her narrative work, Nanu shoots commercials for companies such as Rattling Stick, Gorgeous, Smuggler, MJZ and Moxie, to name but a few.

Nanu’s work has taken her all over the world, from her home turf of London, to the US, South America, Africa and all through Europe. It is the process of shooting and film-making itself that inspires Nanu: she wants to keep developing and to stay curious.

Her cinematography conveys a beautiful kind of quiet calmness; wide night shots and stillness are common themes, but it is when filming people that Nanu's passion for her craft is revealed. Her calm, lingering and supportive style puts you right alongside her subjects, following as close as possible without intruding; a truly masterful talent.

Nanu uses our Loden theme, with it's full-screen homepage layout giving her cinematic images the large format exposure they deserve. Alongside her short films and commercials you'll find a section of glorious high-res stills.

View Nanu's cinematography portfolio

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