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Tim Jarvis

Tim is a graphic designer.
This is his Fabrik.

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Tim Jarvis
Graphic Designer

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Tim is a graphic designer based in London. He once helped float an internet company, failed hard at a couple of projects that may have changed the world, and almost lost a business partner to stress and partying too much. He ran his own creative agency for ten years, once quadrupled a client’s profits in less than a month, and slowly learnt the difference between having a good idea and proving it. He’s never really had a proper job, and now he’s CEO of Fabrik.

Prior to his partnership at Profission his background included a four-year stint as Art Director at Internet Business Group Plc and time with industry-recognised agency Kleber, where he won a DMA (Digital Music Award) for his work introducing Kasabian to the world. Tim has played a significant part in the planning, concept and development of digital properties for many market-leading web companies such as photostock houses DigitalVision and ImageSource, e-commerce offerings Confetti.co.uk, Sweatband.com, Reebok Fitness and web technology companies such as 365 Media Group and AffiliateFuture.

From 2005 to 2014 at Profission Tim advised entrepreneurs and young companies on how to take their businesses online through effective use of the web. Many of these ventures were young enough to come with no identity whatsoever; the creative process encompassing brand and offline marketing collateral as well as digital, social and online campaigns required to manage, promote and grow their businesses.

At Profission Tim’s clients included The GSM Association, MTV, Barcardi, Glenfiddich, Unicorn Group and Toshiba. He has garnered global critical praise for his brand work promoting financial advisors Quantum, venture capitalists MVM Life Sciences LLP and more recently London's artisanal almond milk producer The Pressery.

Whilst the majority of his output is digital, Tim gets a lot of joy from working with print. His ongoing creative relationships with photographers working in fashion and film, and brand direction for artisanal food producers and jewellers allow him room to experiment and express his love for minimalism, traditional typography and methodologies within graphic design. Now and again he even gets time to step away from constructive thought and produce digital art under his ongoing side-project Magnasoma.

For his graphic design portfolio Tim chose our Airdura theme. His body of work is split into three distinct portfolios; brand, digital and print. With a portfolio of varied projects, Airdura's layout choices allow him to focus each project individually and present his project content much more specifically within these three portfolio categories. Airdura’s image-focussed design lets the project content do the talking and he uses a combination of Stacked, Slideshow and Strip layouts to present project imagery across landscape and portrait formats.

View Tim's design portfolio

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