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Per month billed yearly
Or £7.50 billed monthly
  • 50 Projects
  • 10 Portfolios
  • Unlimited Blog Posts
  • 2GB Media Storage
  • Customer Support
Per month billed yearly
Or £9.50 billed monthly
  • 100 Projects
  • 20 Portfolios
  • Unlimited Blog Posts
  • 5GB Media Storage
  • Priority Support
per month billed yearly
Or £18.00 billed monthly
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Portfolios
  • Unlimited Blog Posts
  • Unlimited Media Storage
  • Priority Support


  • Media Storage

    Your media is served by an ultra-fast content delivery network from data centres distributed around the world. This means that your Fabrik site loads really, really fast. Our professional plan includes 5GB media storage, that's enough space for more than 2000 images at 4K ultra-high resolution! If you need more you can use the unlimited plan.

  • Themes

    We use state of the art web technologies and techniques to make sure all of our responsive themes and layouts will make your work shine; on any device from mobiles to presentation screens. All our plans give you complete access to our themes and you can change them as often as you wish.

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  • Portfolios

    Fabrik has the ability to group projects into portfolios allowing you to present your work in a way that makes sense to you. Our personal plan allows you to have up to 10 portfolios and our professional plan offers 20; giving you the abilty to create a very wide and varied range of work.

  • Domain Names

    Every Fabrik site has an onfabrik.com address that you can use but with our personal plan you can link your own domain name to your Fabrik site. We've made it easy for you to set up custom domains from the Fabrik dashboard and provide the support you need if things aren’t so clear at the other end.

  • Customer Support

    Support is included during your free Fabrik trial period so if you need help understanding how Fabrik works, or how to customise your theme and layouts, connecting up a custom domain name or getting your Fabrik site live then look no further.

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  • Background

    Fabrik is designed and run by passionate creatives and developers. We think like you and we know exactly what you need from a website. Furthermore we listen to what you want. Fabrik is built from all the good ideas we have as well as those from our growing community. If you’d like to see something added to make your site better and your work shine brighter, get in touch.